Early Spring Golf:
  • As of 5/1/17
  • Walking: $14/9 holes & $19/18.   
  • Riding: $19/9 & $29/18. 

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Parkview is 100% solar powered!  Plus.... Quiet electric golf carts.

Parkview is a scenic golf course just 25 minutes from Rochester.  A family owned course.  No highways or housing developments in sight, in fact the course is bordered by a serene park with two large 35 acre ponds.  The course which itself is a manicured 175 acres, sits in the middle of 350 acres of land! 

Parkview one of the best values in the Rochester area.  You have the option of challenging yourself to a championship course that is almost 6,800 yards long.  However, most of golfers enjoy playing from our shorter tees which let every golfer have fun!

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7100 Boughton Rd.

Victor, NY